Care & Cleaning of GEHTO® Sunglasses

Store in Case Provided

Always store your sunglasses in the case provided when not in use.

Storing in the case will keep dust from gathering on the lens and also help protect from any damage caused by any external forces.



Cleaning Tips

Never use your t-shirt or any item of clothing to clean lenses. Use the cleaning cloth provided and gently wipe away grease and finger prints without harsh rubbing.

If you are away from home and have no access to a cleaning cloth then use a tissue and blow away any tissue residue after wiping.

For best results wet either side of the lens with running water.
Apply a small amount of ph-neutral dish washing liquid between your finger tips and gently rub over every part of the lens surface.

Wash away soap under running tap water, remove from water and shake excess water off by holding each end of the frame in either hand and shake for 10 seconds.
Pat dry any remaining water using the cleaning cloth provided.

Frames can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Note: Never submerge your sunglasses in water for extended periods of time.

Wash cleaning cloth in cold water weekly. Normal machine washing powder or liquid is suitable.


We Love to take Care of our Customers

For those of you that have ordered via our website and have misplaced your GEHTO cleaning cloth. Contact us and we would he happy to send you another via standard postage free of charge.


GEHTO Australia Sunglasses Cleaning Cloths